Planes: Fire & Rescue


Planes:  Fire & Rescue  (PG) Friday, July 25th:  7pm Saturday, July 26th:  4pm & 7pm Sunday, July 27th:  4pm & 7pm Monday, July 28th:  CLOSED Tuesday, July 29th thru Thursday, July 31st:  7pm Dusty has landed at The Joylan Theatre! Kids, come visit us for a show of “Planes: Fire …

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How To Train Your Dragon 2


How To Train Your Dragon 2 Tuesday, June 17th thru Thursday, June 19th:  7pm Friday, June 20th:  7pm Saturday, June 21st:  4pm & 7pm Sunday, June 22nd:  4pm & 7pm Monday, June 23rd:  CLOSED Tuesday, June 24th thru Thursday, June 26th:  7pm